What Qualifies for Disability Benefits – Part 1

Disability, and especially one that is long term, can have devastating consequences on the life of an individual. The SSDI is a federal aid program that supports individuals impacted by disability that is life-altering on several different levels: both physical and mental. However, because of the benefits gained from SSDI, the volume of applications received is very high, while only a few are approved to actually receive the benefits. One of the reasons for this is the stringent eligibility criteria.

Here’s a list of categories that qualify for disability benefits and why getting them right might increase chances of an approval for an individual considering applying:

  • Respiratory Conditions and Illnesses: Problems of the respiratory tract, including conditions brought on by asthma.
  • Digestive Tract Problems: Short bowel syndrome, liver transplant, chronic liver disease, etc. are considered qualifying for SSDI. Disability may also be periodically reviewed to check on condition and status.
  • Neurological Problems: Disorders like Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions.
  • Problems of the Joints: This category can include the musculoskeletal system of the body, including joints and bones, including the back and spine, as well.
  • Depression and Other Disorders: Depression brought on as a result of a physical disability also falls under the purview of SSDI.

Why you still need a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Ensure you get the medical conditions right. The categories are different for children and adults. Further, it is not vital that the condition you have in terms of medical disability be listed in the categories of eligibility requirements. If the Social Security authority finds your particular condition disabling enough to prevent earning a livelihood then you may still be approved for the benefits.

One of the best ways to ensure you qualify for SSDI benefits is to hire a professional who understands the application and laws best.

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Meanwhile, stay tuned in for more categories that qualify for disability benefits in our next blog.