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Legal Rights Advocates, Inc.
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Rocio Estrada
Rocio Estrada
When Mark said, “ I’m looking into it right away”, he means just that. His actions matched his words. Very professional! Straight forward! Highly, highly recommend. Greatly appreciate them! Thanks again!
Eber Hays
Eber Hays
Mark was awesome and super accommodating. I called him multiple times, and he walked me through what steps I should take to verify information related to a possible debt collectors harassment. Should I ever have any further issues like this in the future I'm definitely going to be giving him a call back.
Patrick Kelley
Patrick Kelley
Mark was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Things were handled quickly and I'm glad I called them to help me. Highly recommended.
Willson Soth
Willson Soth
Working with Mark was the best experience of my life. Very knowledgeable and always make me feel secure and have a piece of mind. He help with my father case and it’s always a fast response. He always follow up with you and explain in depth with you. Highly recommended.
Lisa SuccessMindset (44&lovinit)
Lisa SuccessMindset (44&lovinit)
Are you having issues with collection agencies? Call Legal Rights Advocates! They are courteous, efficient , and go above and beyond. Thank you all so much!
Madeline Moore
Madeline Moore
LRA went above and beyond to manage my case. Mark and the team communicated promptly and effectively between parties and handled business exceedingly well. There is always an open line of communication, and any doubt or uncertainty was diminished. Mark is a “to-the-point” advocate for his clients, while working tirelessly handling claims. Fear never arose during my case because of the dedication and authority this team provides. I was made well aware of the legalities, processes, and provisions. I would recommend this team to ANYONE going into an advocacy battle. This is the team you want, to have your back! Executed the case tremendously well. Kudos to this group! Mark’s professionalism is unmatched.
Ricky Bell
Ricky Bell
Good morning I want to share my experience with default Mark who answer my email took the time heard my complaint from beginning to end and saw that it was a solution I haven't met him personally to talk with him on the phone he was more than professional just want to say thank you Mark
Cathy Rogers
Cathy Rogers
Mark was knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. He worked confidently and diligently on my case. I definitely recommend this firm and will contact them again should the need arise.
Cassie Cloyd
Cassie Cloyd
Wow! Im super impressed with Mark Gazda! I was getting 8-10 phone calls a day from a debt collector for MONTHS all on different numbers and it was severely affecting my ability to apply for jobs and even use my phone. I contacted the Legal Rights Advocates, Inc. and was matched with an incredibly knowledgeable member who not only helped me settle my debt but also won my case for me!! The settlement i got was well above my expectations and im super thankful for Mark Gazda for taking care of this major stressor in my life, he was friendly and so so helpful!

Stop Harassing Collection Calls From Spring Oaks Capital

Approved under the consumer protection act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects your rights against unfair, abusive and deceptive collection behavior.

FDCPA violations may include:

Call more than 5 times in one day

Calling before 8am or after 9pm

Use any abusive or obscene language

Contact any third party stating you owe a debt

Violence threats or any intent to harm you

Ask to pay more than what is owed

Make false or misrepresenting claims

Legal threats that you'll be arrested

We're Ready To Fight For You

Violations made by debt collectors can result in favorable decisions such as:

Cash Compensation

Receive up to $1,000 in compensation.


Trade line deletion

Removal of negative reporting to credit

Debt Waiver

You will be paid in full amount

Cease and Desist

All communication from collector to consumer

Who is Spring Oaks Capital?

Spring Oaks Capital is a debt collection agency that specializes in purchasing and managing consumer receivables, which includes buying debts from original creditors or other debt holders. Once they own a particular debt, they attempt to collect on it, either directly or via third-party collection agencies.

Debt collectors, including Spring Oaks Capital, operate within the regulatory framework provided by federal laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). This law provides consumers with protections against certain behaviors, such as harassment, misleading representation, and unfair practices by debt collectors.

Spring Oaks Capital Address: 1400 Crossways Blvd Suite 100B, Chesapeake, VA 23320 Phone: (833) 871-1866 Email:


If you are contacted by Spring Oaks Capital or any debt collector, it’s crucial to know your rights. You have the right to request validation of the debt, to dispute it if you believe it’s not accurate, and to be treated fairly and without harassment.

Why is Spring Oaks Capital Calling Me?

Spring Oaks Capital is likely calling you because they have acquired a debt that they believe you owe. This means they either purchased the debt from an original creditor (like a credit card company or a bank) or they’ve been tasked with collecting on the debt. It’s essential to get all the details about the claimed debt, including verification of its validity.

Is Spring Oaks Capital Legit or are They a Scam?

Spring Oaks Capital is a legitimate debt collection agency that specializes in purchasing and managing consumer receivables.

However, as with all interactions with debt collectors, it’s essential to ensure that the specific claim or communication you’ve received is genuinely from them and not from an imposter or scam artist.

Always verify any debt and the collector before taking action or making a payment.

Can Spring Oaks Capital Sue Me or Garnish My Wages?

Yes, if Spring Oaks Capital owns a legitimate debt that you owe and you do not pay it, they have the legal right to sue you for the amount owed. If they obtain a judgment against you in court, they might be able to garnish your wages or take other collection actions, depending on the laws of your state.

However, they must follow all legal processes to do so, and you have rights and protections under laws like the FDCPA.

Is Spring Oaks Capital Engaging in Harassment?

While debt collection agencies have the right to communicate with consumers regarding unpaid debts, their behavior is subject to strict regulation, aimed at preventing harassment. Some potential harassment tactics that consumers have reported include:

  • Excessive Calls and Texts: Repeatedly reaching out to consumers at unreasonable hours or employing aggressive communication methods can constitute harassment.
  • Threats and Intimidation: Utilizing threatening language, intimidation tactics, or making false statements to coerce payment is a violation of the law.
  • Misrepresentation: Misleading consumers about the amount owed, the consequences of non-payment, or the agency’s capacity to undertake legal actions is considered an abusive practice.
  • Public Shaming: Disclosing a consumer’s debt situation to acquaintances, friends, or colleagues without explicit consent is a breach of privacy.
  • Persistent Communication: Engaging in incessant communication even after a consumer has requested cessation, or continuing to make contact despite being informed of legal representation, constitutes harassment.

Shielding Oneself from Debt Harassment

For individuals who believe they are facing harassment from Spring Oaks Capital or any other debt collection agency, it is essential to fully understand their rights and take appropriate action to protect themselves. Here are several comprehensive steps to consider:

  • Familiarize Yourself with Rights: Delve into the intricacies of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and relevant state debt collection laws. These legal frameworks delineate permissible actions for debt collectors while curbing harassment.
  • Document Thoroughly: Maintain meticulous records of all communications, 
  • including dates, times, and the substance of conversations. Such detailed documentation can serve as critical evidence if legal action becomes necessary.
  • Request Debt Validation: If a consumer disputes a debt or requires further information, submitting a written request for debt validation within 30 days of initial contact is a prudent course of action. Legally, debt collectors are obligated to provide substantiation of the debt.
  • Invoke a Cease and Desist: For individuals desiring to halt communication from Spring Oaks Capital, issuing a cease and desist letter stipulating written correspondence as the sole acceptable form of contact is advisable.
  • Consultation with Legal Counsel: When consumers believe their rights are being violated, seeking advice from an attorney specializing in debt collection and consumer protection can be invaluable. These legal professionals can offer comprehensive guidance on the best course of action and potentially aid in initiating a lawsuit.

Legal Rights Advocates: Your Ally Against Debt Harassment

Legal Rights Advocates stands as an unwavering ally in the battle against deceptive and abusive debt collection practices. Our mission revolves around shielding consumers from harassment, misinformation, and unjust treatment. Our specialized areas of expertise encompass:

  • Comprehensive education for consumers about the parameters of the FDCPA and other pertinent laws.
  • Providing clarity in distinguishing between ethical debt collection practices and harassment.
  • Assisting consumers in comprehending the array of available options when contemplating a lawsuit against Spring Oaks Capital or any other debt collection entity.
  • Equipping consumers with an extensive array of resources for consumer protection and step-by-step guidance on submitting complaints against offenders.

Our accomplished team of attorneys is resolute in upholding your rights and ensuring that debt collectors operate within the parameters set by the law. Reach out to us today and become more informed of  our in-depth insights into the many ways in which we can extend our unwavering support.

Spring Oaks Capital Phone Numbers

Some of the phone numbers that Spring Oaks Capital may use include:

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Levi PainterLevi Painter
04:38 28 Apr 23
Adam did a great job handling my case. Was able to get the loan dropped and now owe nothing. This company was very professional and did exactly what they said they would. Almost to good to be true!! Didn't actually believe it until I saw what they can do with my own 2 eyes. They really harrased me and kept calling over and over again. Stand up for your rights and let Adam handle your case!!!Did show up on my credit report as 4 missed payments which I did not expect because the loan was completely dropped but I am more than happy to take the hit on my credit report.
Marathon Lodge323Marathon Lodge323
15:13 19 Apr 23
The firm has been very supportive throughout the process. Adam Jeffery has communicated with me on a regular basis to keep me updated. It was a long time coming but everything turned out wonderful in the end. Thank you so much to legal rights advocates
Renee PonceRenee Ponce
19:57 23 Mar 23
Mark and Legal Rights Advocates were amazing! To begin with Mark returned my call from the website on a Sunday! In less than 2 weeks they had prepared a letter for the company on my behalf and in less than 6 weeks ALL my issues with the credit card company that was harassing me for the last year were solved! This included getting a financial bonus and making sure the credit bureaus correct my credit score! Mark was completely professional and had exceptional follow-up! VERY impressed! Thanks again!
Kendra LesleyKendra Lesley
22:40 06 Feb 23
I definitely recommend Legal Rights Advocates. I was being harassed by my credit card company they were calling a minimum of 10 times a day on the hour even ever half hour at times. Only after getting advice from Mark G on what to say to my creditors the calls stopped. Mark G is very helpful and friendly. I especially like how he follows up to make sure you aren’t having issues with your creditors.
Nick GalangNick Galang
16:46 09 Dec 22
Thank you Mark Gazda for your advice. You went above and beyond from what I initially expected, took the time to listen to my problem and also how to deal with the problem. He was very professional, communication is amazing, readily available. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone I care about!! He actually cares about his clients and You can tell it's genuine even the sincerity in his voice, he was comforting after being threatened by a collection agent. Thank you again for making my day better.
Charlene RiceCharlene Rice
05:27 16 Sep 22
When I had problems of scammers, Legal Rights Advocates was always there for me.They are always by my side when scammers were phishing for my money. They gave me timely advice on how to deal these scam crooks. I highly recommend them. So if you are having problems being harassed by scammers and robocalls, they will give you great advice. And you will have relief after taking to them. One of the best! Mark really helped me about dealing with threatening scam phone calls. He is truly a professional.He’s always by my side through thick and thin. I highly recommend.
17:20 08 Sep 22
Gathering all information needed and keeping me posted on each step of the way made my experience exemplary.I’m thankful I found my way to Legal Rights Advocates and will refer them to anybody needing their services.
Kimberlee TrainerKimberlee Trainer
22:03 21 Aug 22
Arelys was very kind and willing to work hard for me. I was able to get through to her with questions regarding my case. She later transferred to another department and Adam stepped in. He was very professional and always available anytime I had questions. He did a great job helping to bring my case to a positive closure. I am very thankful for this group of people who helped walk me through a very difficult time in my life. I highly recommend their services and thank you so much Adam.
Marie DavisMarie Davis
22:42 09 Aug 22
I needed assistance with qualifying for my Social Security disability benefits. I reached out to Legal Rights Advocates, and I am so glad I did. They were experts at navigating through the Social Security Disability maze! They provided the representation and guidance I needed. I was approved for my disability benefits! I could not have done it without the help of Legal Rights Advocates. I would highly recommend their services if you need help getting your disability benefits.
Rae JorRae Jor
19:55 05 Aug 22
I was forced to pay something in full, with false threats of me going to court if it’s not paid that same day, being told I was accused of fraud, etc. I kept trying to call the accusing company after seeing a post of people getting scammed with false threats of court. I accidentally called Mark because of what Google showed me as I was searching for that company. He asked me about the company and were specific things happening to me, I said yes confusingly. He told me what the accusing company did was illegal. He took on my case, emailed me documents, and a little over a month he got my fees and everything else waived by winning the case because what happened to me was wrong. It also caused A LOT of hardship having to pay the accusing company $1300+ instantly out of pocket the day I got the threats. Mark has also got me $500 back on top of everything being waived. I’m impressed, I’m thankful, I didn’t have to come out of pocket for ANYTHING and let me add I’m not even in the same state as him. He was also very friendly, knowledgeable and checked in with me to keep me updated. I would recommend him to anyone who was in the same situation as I when it came to a loan company making threats if I didn’t pay in full that day. I do know if it ever happens again, who I can call 😃

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