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Legal Rights Advocates, Inc. is a 5 Star Nationally ranked Consumer Law Firm that helps consumers file a complaint against debt collection agencies that violate Consumer Rights as they pertain to The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We have resolved thousands of cases that have been awarded to our customers for unfair, abusive or deceptive debt collection practices.  To File a Free Case Review or call Toll Free 855-254-7841.

Debt Collection Harassment

Abusive, unfair and deceptive debt collectors can make your life a nightmare. They will call your place of work, family, friends, relatives; anyone who will provide information of your whereabouts. They also do this to perform something called Skiptracing where they obtain information about your current address and work information.

These are only some of the illegal practices debt collectors will perform to try and force you into paying a debt. Read below for some tips to whether you should be contacting one of our specialists.

1. When do I need an attorney?

If you’re reading our website, then call now! Speaking with the debt collectors and or credit reporting agencies can sometimes do you more harm then good. Remember the debt collectors make money off you and the credit reporting agencies make money of services provided to debt collectors. They work as a team…so you should have support.

2. How to choose an attorney?

Choosing an attorney is easy. Call, ask questions and see what their response is. If they are not willing to help by just answering your initial questions they are problaly not the right attorney for you. Here at Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC your credits concerns are our top priority. We answer questions and will help educate you on best credit practices.

3. Do I really need an attorney?

Technically, no. There are things you can do to resolve credit related matters yourself but it sure does not come easy. A lot of our satisfied clients are individuals, families that need immediate results and do not want to deal with the hassle of contacting debt collectors and credit reporting agencies.

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