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Whether you’re a landlord or tenant experiencing difficulties with a living situation, legal action can and should be taken to help mitigate disputes. Our team focuses on both pursuing the tenant and pursuing the landlord. If you believe you have a dispute that can be settled in court, call our team with over 25 years of combined experience. Many people, unfortunately, go through stressful and financial situations regarding their living premises being taken advantage of, simply because they don’t know all their rights. Our team of aggressive attorneys fights for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and have our passionate law team represent you.

Pursuing Your Landlord

As a tenant, you have rights you may not know about. If you are facing eviction or fees you don’t believe you should be paying, you may be eligible to act. Let our team of trusted attorneys fight for you. One instance of pursuing your landlord with legal action is a Breach of Quiet Enjoyment. This means that your landlord has failed to provide you with a living situation that is peaceful and quiet. Causes of the noise could come from required maintenance as well as the landlord unlawfully entering your premises without permission or announcement. Another example is a Breach of the Warranty of Habitability, meaning that your living area is unfit for human habituation. Examples of this breach can be unsafe living conditions, lack of utilities, sewage issues, power issues, or a pest infestation.

Pursuing Your Tenant

If you are a landlord dealing with an unruly tenant who will need to be evicted, you will need some help. Very specific guidelines and processes need to be taken to properly file paperwork and start the eviction process. Both you, the landlord, and your tenant have rights throughout the process. In order to make this transition smooth for both parties involved, contact Your Legal Rights Advocates. We provide you with professional knowledge, viewpoints, and legal advice on how to proceed with evicting your tenant lawfully. View our page on pursuing your tenant with legal action for more information on this topic. When you’re ready, call us and schedule a consultation.

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