Can I stop a debt collector for harassment?

A debt collector can be legally stopped and sued if their actions are leading to increasing trauma and harassment for you, the debt holder.

However, as a debt holder, you need to ascertain whether the actions taken by the collector are indeed illegal.

Harassment by debt collectors

Debt collectors are well within their rights to collect the outstanding amounts owed to them. However, there are rules in place to ensure that customers do not need to face undue trauma or harassment.

A conclusion of debt harassment can be made if any of the following are occurring:

  • Repeated phone calls at any odd hour of the day, including late nights and early mornings
  • Obscene language being used, including threats and abuses
  • Communicating your debt details to others, such as neighbors, co-workers, relatives, etc.
  • Posing as officials of the court and showing you false legal documents
  • Strongly suggesting taking on more loans or telling you to sell of your assets such as home, etc. to pay off the existing liability
  • Communicating to you that you can be arrested or that a lawsuit has been made against you because of the debt
  • Not identifying themselves as debt collectors
  • Not acknowledging any communication made by you, including letters to stop contact

The FDCPA and the TCPA look after interests of the consumers. This includes guidelines on communication as well as the use of equipment such as automatic dialers.

Under these regulations, consumers can stop and sue debt collectors and win monetary damages. If the violations are found to be willful, the monetary compensation increases.

Learn more about the FDCPA and the TCPA .

What can the consumer do?

As a consumer, you may have an unfulfilled debt, but that does not give debt collectors the authorization to overstep your consumer rights.

When can you sue the debt collector for harassment ?

  • If the debt collector is unable to prove that you owe the debt
  • When you are being hounded and bombarded with threatening communication and contact
  • When you have been given misleading and false information by the debt collector

As a consumer, you must arm yourself with knowledge. Contact a professional who can guide you on the options available to you. Then, start maintaining records of your contact with the debt collectors, including call recordings.

Seeking legal help can ensure that you are following the right course of action. A legal professional can help you determine whether the harassment has been unwitting or deliberate.

How to stop, how much is the amount you can sue and what is the outcome you can expect, are some of the areas a legal professional can help you with.

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