Are You Suffering From Illegal Debt Collection Behavior?

Did you know that debt collectors are not allowed to harass you when attempting to collect a debt? Unfortunately, many people do not know that they have consumer rights when it comes to exactly how collection agents and other debt collectors treat you. There is a major law that deals with illegal debt collection conduct. It’s called the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA for short. The law only applies to debt collectors including lawyers that are attempting to collect a debt on behalf of their clients. The good news is that the FDCPA requires debt collectors to partake in certain actions.

These actions include the fact that the collector must stop contacting you if you make the request in writing. In addition, the debt collector is required to send you a written notice that identifies important information about the debt within five (5) days of contacting you. In addition, if you raise a dispute in writing within thirty (30) days of receiving that notice, the collector must suspend collection efforts on the disputed portion of the debt until the collector responds to the request. Far too many consumers are completely unaware of these rules.

Have you ever had a debt collector inform your employers, family members, neighbors, and or friends that you owe a debt? That is completely illegal. A debt collector can only contact your attorney, co-signers on the loan, your spouse, and of course the three (3) major credit bureaus. They can only contact others to locate you, but can’t reveal anything about the debt that you owe them. There are many more things that some debt collectors do that are considered to be debt harassment. You can actually sue debt collectors who violate your rights under federal law.

In fact, if you win a lawsuit under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act, you can actually recover money for the damages and anguish they caused you, and up to $1,000 in additional damages and attorney fees. You should inform your attorney exactly how the debt collector’s misconduct negatively affected both you and your family. This includes all symptoms of emotional distress including anxiety, embarrassment, headaches, nausea, indignation, irritability, loss of sleep, and interference with family and or work relationships.

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Let your attorney know if you needed to see a doctor about these issues. Also share any information about out-of-pocket losses with your attorney. For example, did you lose out on any wages because you needed to take time off from work in order to resolve the dispute? Did you amass any telephone charges, transportations charges, medical bills, or counseling services? These are all part of your damages.

If you feel that you are being treated unfairly by a creditor or collection agency, please contact us immediately. Legal Rights Advocates, Inc. is a consumer advocate law firm that focuses on consumer rights protection services across the Unites States. We have well over twenty-five (25) years of combined experience helping consumers that are experiencing Debt Collector Harassment, Social Security Disability issues, and a whole lot more. LRA is truly your consumer rights advocate. We take great pride in the fact that our job is to protect you from deceptive and or abusive debt collection practices.

LRA is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, and we have well over 500 Five Star Rating Reviews online from across the United States. Our goal is to assist you each and every step of the way regarding your rights for consumer protection. Please call us today for more information at 855-254-7841 or click here to visit our website. We look forward to working with you.

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