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Charged with a crime in Massachusetts? You need a criminal attorney who can help you.

Your lawyer needs to be well-versed in criminal law if he/she is to be your defense attorney. However, this needs both an understanding of the law as well as an aggressive desire to defend the client.

What you need to knowWe have created a quick checklist for you to help make the best decision:

  • There are strict laws governing criminal defense lawyers that prevents them from disclosing what is discussed at a first-time meeting
  • Your criminal defense lawyer will ideally question you closely; you need to be forthcoming
  • You have the right to ask how much experience the lawyer has. This could include the kind of relationships they have with the staff and people who work in the courts, as well as whether they know the judge or not
  • Check the fees they charge; are you comfortable with the interaction for the fees asked?

What we do

We are a team of professionals who understand the state of mind you are in when charged for a crime. We understand criminal law and our team of attorneys work together to help win you an effective defense in the Massachusetts courthouse.

We represent our clients in a wide range of cases. Call us at (855) 254-7841 to discuss your situation and to find a solution for it.


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