Apply for Social Security Disability

How to apply for Social Security Disability

Social Security disability applications need to be detailed, complete with medical records. An individual can get these benefits if there is a medical condition preventing them from working for a year.

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There are different ways in which to file for the benefits.

Online: There is an online disability process available for Social Security disability, Title 2. Once completed, you can indicate, if required, the need for Supplemental Security disability. This process has four steps. Once you complete this, your claim will be sent to an examiner.

  1. Review the disability checklist provided on the SSA website
  2. Complete the application
  3. Complete the adult disability report form
  4. Complete and sign the Authorization to Disclose Information form which is your medical release.

Unless you complete the fourth step, your application is incomplete.

Through the Social Security office: The other option is to contact the Social Security office personally or over the telephone.

Apart from incomplete forms, there is the danger of missing out on time provided by the Social Security office to individuals for providing necessary information. All communication from their side is time-bound and you should be aware of the deadlines if you wish to receive benefits. All of this is easier when done in person. You can schedule a disability interview where you will receive help in filling out the forms. You need to have all your medical records and work history in order and backed by paperwork.

Why should you take professional help?

There are a number of things to consider when applying for SSDI benefits and which a professional can help you with, easily.

  • Get in touch with a SSDI attorney to verify your medical paperwork and other documents prior to submission
  • Be prepared for a rejection. Your attorney can help you with it better, in terms of applying for a review, etc.
  • Check whether your condition is eligible for disability benefits or not
  • Check the paperwork on your work history

What we do

Ours is a team of professionals who understand what it is like to apply for SSDI/SSI benefits and the dejection when you are facing a denial. It is a process that can involve lot of paperwork together with attention to details. We strongly suggest you get help with the process of applying for disability benefits, given the high instance of denials.

Our experience enables us to guide you better, even in preparing you for the process while ensuring all basics such as paperwork, etc. are complete. We help our clients from the time of application, through denial and representation at hearings. Call us at (855) 254-7841 to discuss your situation.


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