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It is a common belief that Social Security Disability applications are rejected in the first instance and one can win the benefits on making an appeal again. However, if you can convince the examiners at the Disability Determination Services of your eligibility, you can be granted the benefits easily.

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To win the Social Security Disability benefits for yourself, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Reports that vouch for the severity of the medical condition you suffer from.
  2. A statement on the applicant’s functional ability.

The second condition can prove to be difficult to fulfill because most doctors will supply you with a statement that does not focus on functional ability. You may also be required to fill a questionnaire that lists your daily living activities to provide the examiners with a better idea of your functionality.

  1. Statement of work history that exhibits your inability to perform substantial work activity or SGA. This statement needs to take into account your job duties and that you had time to learn the job role but couldn’t, as a result of your disability.

To qualify for disability, you have to prove that you are unable to perform any of the past work or jobs you have done and are also incapable of other work or jobs, in your current functioning capacity together with your education level, age and skills.

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Ours is a team of professionals who understand what it is like to apply for SSDI/SSI benefits and the dejection when you are facing a denial. It is a process that can involve lot of paperwork together with attention to details. We strongly suggest you get help with the process of applying for disability benefits, given the high instance of denials.

Our experience enables us to guide you better, even in preparing you for the process while ensuring all basics such as paperwork, etc. are complete. We help our clients from the time of application, through denial and representation at hearings. Call us at (855) 254-7841 to discuss your situation.


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