Facts to Know About Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Claim

Women troubled with urine incontinence issues often have to face embarrassing situations. This problem occurs when tissues in women’s pelvic or bladder area get weakened and damaged. Doctors treat this problem with transvaginal mesh treatment where a net-like medical device is implanted through the vagina. Although this procedure is performed by expert doctors and is relatively safe, sometimes it may result in complications like infection, bleeding, pain, autoimmune problems, and organ perforation.

Statistics indicate 108,000 transvaginal mesh lawsuits filed by women whose surgery went wrong and resulted in these complications. Women who undergo this surgery to correct their stress urine incontinence problem look forward to an improved quality of life, but if their surgery results in complications, they are left with no choice but to slap a transvaginal mesh lawsuit against the doctor.

Mesh Lawsuit claim


Reasons to File Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

If you are skeptical about this lawsuit and confused about whether to file one or not, here are a few reasons that shall help you make an informed decision.

  • If you have undergone this surgery and ended up with injuries from mesh implants leaving you debilitated, you must file a lawsuit.
  • If the sling or mesh is cutting through the skin after being surgically installed resulting in infection, you need to look for a transvaginal mesh lawyer and file a lawsuit.
  • If the mesh is cutting into nearby organs, leaving bowel, bladder, or uterus punctured, it is time to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit claim.
  • If you have developed complications like extreme main during intercourse, continued incontinence, back pain, UTI, difficulty in walking, etc., it is a severe case of infection that can spread through the body and lead to death. It is a frightening situation necessitating the filing of a lawsuit.

Hiring a Transvaginal Mesh Attorney

When a woman suffers from any of the above problems or complications, it is high time that she starts looking for an expert and experienced transvaginal mesh attorney who can help her file a lawsuit and make claims for the sustained injuries.

The internet is an amazing platform that can help you locate an expert attorney in your area. Your query will yield a lot of results. Reach out to some of the lawyers listed and speak with them about your problem. Ensure that they have been handling transvaginal mesh lawsuits and have a high success rate. Since this case falls under the statute of limitations, you need to look for a good attorney and immediately move forward to filing a lawsuit. If you miss this window, you cannot file a case.

Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC is a law firm that helps women patients file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit and help them to make claims. Our team of attorneys, over the years, has helped countless clients understand the process better, act against it as needed, and win largely successful outcomes.

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