When Should I hire a Debt Harassment Lawyer?

People take money on credit to meet a variety of financial needs. If a person takes money on credit from a creditor and stops paying after some time, the creditor can take action to get his money back. Trying to recover their money is not wrong but resorting to unfair means and harassment to do so is wrong. If a debtor feels humiliated, distress, and threatened by his creditor, it falls into the debt harassment category.

Debt Harassment can come in several forms. It is imperative to understand here that harassment of any nature and in any form is not acceptable. If your creditor tries to do any of the things mentioned below, it is debt harassment.

  • Contacting a debtor several times in a day
  • Early morning or late-night calls
  • Pressurizing you to take more credit or sell your home to repay your debt
  • Pursuing you on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites
  • Keeping the fact of passing on your debt to a debt collection agency from you
  • Relentlessly chase you for payment by roping in another debt collector
  • Using business logo or paperwork that looks official when in reality, they are not when sending letters looking like legal forms
  • Pressurizing you to pay your debt in one-off payment or a larger installment
  • Verbal or physical threats

There are many more ways through which a creditor harasses a debtor. If you are feeling pressurized and threatened by this relentless harassment, it is important to look for a debt harassment lawyer. 

How can a Debt Harassment Lawyer Help?

If you are tired of your creditor harassing you day and night, look for a lawyer who can help you to stop debt harassment. Look for a reliable and experienced attorney who understands your frustration being harassed by collectors and debt collection agencies and offer you legal help.

Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC is a reliable and reputed legal firm that specializes in stop collection agency harassment. The attorneys at Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and help debtors facing the problem of harassment by creditors. They have helped many clients get settlements for deceptive, unfair, and abusive debt collection practices. There is no longer any need to face this constant humiliation and embarrassment at the hands of creditors. Legal Rights Advocates, PLLC understands that owing money is already a liability and constantly being reminded and harassed about it makes it all the more difficult.

Debt Harassment Lawyers extends the best legal guidance and assistance in filing a lawsuit against creditors who are indulged in wrongful practices and help them get good settlements. Discuss your matter with the lawyers, give them evidence of your harassment and help them build up a strong case against creditors.

The lawyers help their clients by helping them respond to a debt collection lawsuit filed against them, challenge the legal right of the company to sue, push back on burden of proof, keep an eye on the statute of limitations, and file a countersuit if the creditor has resorted to harassment and has overstepped regulations.

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